Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire

Herbal/Spice Liqueurs — Tennessee, USA

Tasted April 26, 2020
1.0 out of 5 stars
1.0 and i am very mercyful here. This is not whiskey, rather a cinnamon liquor. Bottled at 35%abv, burnished color. On the nose, Cinnamon. Like a Cinnamon roll. Makes your nose tickle. You then say, this might be something worth my while. Nothing else appears on the nose. On the palate is horrible. Is like a taking a spoon of cinnamon syrup, feels like it is giving you diabetes in that moment. Thick bodied it "palls" you. (i looked up for the word "pall", since i didn't know how to say "empalagar" in english)(what i meant was: it is too sweet that your mouth breaks down). The aftertaste is long and sugary, too horrible, like a spoon full of sugar. I dont know if some drinks this, i had to toss it away, may God have mercy on the souls that made this "whiskey".