Tomintoul 12 Year Oloroso Cask Finish

Single Malt — Speyside, Scotland

Tasted May 17, 2020
3.0 out of 5 stars
Nose: Dark malt, mixed peel, mixed dried fruit, nutmeg, walnuts, scorched almonds, a touch of vanilla and lots of caramelised sugars. This is a rich, moist, dark fruitcake laced with lots of sherry. Palate: A malty arrival that is remarkably understated. The development expands this simple character with dark sugar, mild chocolate, crème anglaise, nutmeg and other mild spices, nougat and caramel fudge. There are also some very agreeable berry and red grape notes and the texture is creamy with a juicy, mouthwatering quality. Don't add water - it is completely unnecessary. Finish: Medium/long. Pleasantly warming and gentle with a pronounced brown sugar aftertaste. This is obviously 10 year old Tomintoul with additional finishing in some rather buxom oloroso casks. The base profile is precisely the same as the 10 y.o. and the subtle sweet cereal and floral grassy notes, whilst hidden beneath an obscuring blanket of first-fill sherry, still give the expression its essential character. However it is the sherry component that is immediately dominant. The nose is larger than that of the 10 year old and the palate, which starts very slowly, expands gracefully into a surprisingly long finish. This is where the full intensity of the sherry comes forward. It's a placid and slightly unusual progression into a very warm, sweet and lush conclusion, and it would probably be at its best when paired with equally sweet and rich foods rather than taken in isolation. This would make it an excellent substitute for a digestif sauternes or sherry, perhaps with dried fruit and a well-ripened brie or camembert. If that was the intended way of serving this whisky then at the asking price it does represent good value. As an everyday dram however it might be a little cloying. The official Distiller "expert" tasting notes and rating for this whisky are unworthy of comment. Tasted from a 30ml sample. "Above Average" : 3 stars [arguably 4 stars if you are really into this sort of profile]
100.0 AUD per Bottle