Bowmore Vault Edition Second Release Peat Smoke

Peated Single Malt — Islay, Scotland

Tasted May 18, 2020
4.25 out of 5 stars
There is not so much peat smoke on the nose, it is more of a marine and vegetable connotation, with a strong sweet and fruity component: apricot tart, ripe pear, milk chocolate, vanilla, marshmellow. It is a very humid smell, almost like undergrowth, which evokes the idea of a warehouse with walls soaked in ocean water. Along the length the smoke emerges more, of (obviously) wet and burnt wood. And it is the palate that is faithful to the name of this bottle, with the wooden ashes that fill the mouth, always with a strong moist and vegetable connotation. Oily and full, the gradation adds a spicy touch that goes well with the harmonics of red fruits and chopped hazelnuts, salted butter, dried dates. Slight background medicinal note. Medium long and medicinal finish, of ash, salt, toasted wood, chocolate. Whisky centered with respect to the title of the bottle, with the smoke present but not invasive, well representing the spirit of Bowmore without particular incisiveness. Taking into account the relatively low price, especially when compared to that of the first release, is a whisky that deserves to be tried.