Wanderback American Single Malt Batch No. 1

American Single Malt — Washington (aged in Oregon), USA

4.0 out of 5 stars
Taking someone else’s distilled product and slapping a label is freakin’ easy. In fact, I can do it, and come up with some snappy marketing slogan and label. But, taking someone else’s distilled product and doing something to that is a another game altogether ( Barrell, the new darling blenders come to mind, as does the previous darlings High West). BUT...working with a distiller to come up with your own mashbill, and aging it yourself is a whole new game! These guys at Wanderback work with different distillers, using their own mash bill, and age it in Oregon. If anyone’s been to Oregon, it’s crazy beautiful weather. You get sunny balmy climate, cold as hell winter climate, sandy dunes dry weather, and ‘Islay style cold ocean water smashing against rocks ‘ climate as well. So, that variation has to be a factor here. This was made using a custom mashbill with Westland, out of Seattle. I’ve had many Westland products before, having visited their distillery while on a business trip to Seattle. If tastes blind, I’d not guess this was Westland. But then again, what I remember most out of their tasting was the Garryana and Peat Week offering, so I’m sure my not guessing this was Westland more so was just me and not indicative of the product . Taste sweet...but not overly. Fruity a bit, not citrus-y like what you get from Caol Ila, but almost like plum or other stone fruit. Mixed with a hefty dose of cocoa. Thanks @jonwilkinson7309 for the pour! I’m glad I got batch 3...if batch 3 is better than this, and I really liked this one, then in retrospect, I think I made a good choice.