Johnnie Walker Double Black

Peated Blend — Scotland

3.75 out of 5 stars
I can only confirm what’s already said plenty of times about this whisky: it’s good value for money if you like smoke! Smokey sweetness wrapped in a smooth blanket that will keep you warm for a while even after your last sip. But I find it more challenging to find individual flavors. I guess that confirms this is a good blend and I can only appreciate the skill it takes to create this same flavor consistently for each bottling. No bad words for this very enjoyable scotch.
  • BDanner

    Duh...never mind. That's the Standard Black Label. It runs $40 in my area while the Double goes for $50.

  • BDanner

    @Roadtripper4Ever Is the Double Black now Age Stated? I could've sworn I saw 12 years on it the last time I glanced at it in the ABC.

  • Roadtripper4Ever

    @malt_muser Where I live price difference of about 15USD. I guess it is worth it if you really like smoke. Otherwise the standard black is fine.

  • BDanner

    @malt_muser I don't know about everywhere, but in my area it is $10 more than JW Black.

  • malt_muser

    Nice write up. How does this match up with the standard Black in terms of price?