Sam Houston 12 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon (Release No.1 2018)

Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

Tasted June 19, 2020
4.25 out of 5 stars
Nose strikes a good balance between sweet and spice. Vanilla, black cherry, and toasted marshmallow shine brightest, but underlying aromas of leather, oak, furniture polish, and cinnamon elevate the full aroma. Cherry, caramel, and vanilla up front, then a woodsy smoke character hits you. The smoke soon turns back to sweeter flavors and toasted cereal grains. Smooth but lacking in richness and the finish is just ok. Dissipates somewhat quickly, but leaves a subtle lingering vanilla and oak on the tongue, which is quite enjoyable. I've gotta say, I've wanted to try this since I knew it existed. For no other reason other than I'm a native Houstonian. All I can say is I'm glad I liked it!
99.0 USD per Bottle