Copper & Kings Floodwall Apple Brandy

American Brandy — Kentucky , USA

Tasted August 9, 2020
2.0 out of 5 stars
Smells like burnt apple cider, or apples that have been baked until charred before being juiced. Golden raisins and licorice follow in the nose. Flavorwise, there's complexity here, but there's a note I don't like. Almost like it's just too charred. Too much burnt oak? Drinks more like medicinal whiskey - with a whisper of apple brandy in the back of your throat if you really look for it. The wood dominates the flavor, with a somewhat bitter unpleasant herbal quality. It's a touch hot, but it's not the heat that bothers me. My problem is with what this is missing: a bright note, or more sweetness or richness. Anything to round out oak and char.
32.0 USD per Bottle