Big Peat Blended Malt

Peated Blended Malt — Islay, Scotland

3.5 out of 5 stars
Impressions @ 1/3 remaining: All things considered, this is a charming blended malt. The silly artwork that adorns the sleeve is perhaps a reminder not to take ourselves too seriously. The nose is a bit restrained, presenting aromas of preserved lemon, coastal air, and wood polish. For a peat monster, the palate begins bright and citrusy, adopting a slight mineral-like quality on the finish. At times, the bright citrus notes evoke the flavors of a Sprite soda, and it finishes on the slightest of tannic tea notes. The mouthfeel is pleasantly dry and greatly compliments the taste. For some reason, this didn't always agree with me, and there were times when this didn't feel at all balanced or palatable. Also, at $60, it's not great VFM, and it compared unfavorably to other entry-levels from Islay. However, this seemed to open up nicely, and, more often than not, I really enjoyed this. I would happily re-purchase if I could find a fair price on it (perhaps around $50 or less).
60.0 USD per Bottle
  • fomo

    @CKarmios It’s always fun to collect a series, but I also feel like it also opens a bit of a Pandora’s box, given the special releases associated with the collection (Big Peat Christmas, et. al). The Gauldrons release also fared poorly with oxidation, so I would warn against opening them all at once, unless you had a chance to consume them within a 4-6 month time period. I would also say that you could buy the entire Compass Box core for roughly the same price. It sounds like a fun project, regardless, and I very much look forward to comparing notes!

  • CKarmios

    Compass Box artwork is good and so’s their whisky. Closer to topic, seriously considering getting all six of the Regional Malts series for about €330. Have I finally gone mad?

  • ContemplativeFox

    @fomo There's a lot of love for Compass Box around here, so you're in good company :)

  • fomo

    @ContemplativeFox yes, the marketing strategy for the entire line of regional blends is a bit curious. I could do without the added cost of their marketing department, though I’m guilty of occasionally fawning over the work of the marketing geniuses at Compass Box (Stranger & Stranger?).

  • ContemplativeFox

    Definitely a bold choice for this brand to go with such a silly name and label.