Old Tub Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

4.0 out of 5 stars
Open 1 week Nose - Big toasted vanilla and oak, medium to strong ethanol, sweet corn, peanuts. Palate - Grainy peanut brittle, smooth vanilla and caramel, hints of cinnamon, a little grainy funk, ethanol light as first. The ethanol and oak build on the finish but never overwhelm the palate. It is creamy and oily, with lingering vanilla, caramel, and honey roasted peanuts. I was looking for something to bring on a backpacking trip this weekend, usually I go for under $30 high proof to repackage in a plastic bottle. Or skip that part and buy Evan Williams Black travel pack. This fit the bill as a BiB and let's me try a product that has great reviews from YouTube and mixed reviews on here. This exceeded all expectations, it is really good! I'm honestly shocked. It is easily 50x better than Jim Beam Bonded, and better than Evan Williams BiB. They could charge $35-40 for this and I'd still say it's a good deal. Highly recommend grabbing one before it's gone. It is without question one of the best under $25 bourbons I've had.
22.95 USD per Bottle
  • BDanner

    That boxed wine will do that. It's funny I spotted this review tonight as I'm sitting here with a big pour of Old Tub over a large cube and a Fat Betty Cigar.

  • Zachary-Robbins

    @BDanner I initially didn't buy it based on your review, but I'm glad I did for last weekend. Everyone liked it, although the boxed wine prior may have loosened everyone's taste buds.

  • BDanner

    Nice review. This one is definitely growing on me.

  • ContemplativeFox

    Thanks for that comparison @Zachary-Robbins ! I'm both glad to hear that and a tad disappointed since it's a limited release :(

  • Zachary-Robbins

    @ContemplativeFox It's definitely better than Evan Williams BiB

  • ContemplativeFox

    I'd just decided not to buy this, but now... If I find it I'll probably grab it.