Limeburners Single Malt Port Cask

Single Malt — Western Australia, Australia

Tasted November 1, 2020
2.75 out of 5 stars
Nose: Oak planks, wood shavings, a hay-barn, faint fruit notes (berries, cherries), nutmeg, cardamom, cloves. There is a savoury, earthy quality to the nose that is unusual and distinctive, but intense wood aromas from the cask dominate the proceedings. This is initially unbalanced but it does gain a little equilibrium over time in the glass. Palate: Full, mouth-coating but also brittle on the arrival. A hint of initial astringency with tannic and marc notes. This gives way to a more toffee-like quality and dark, almost burnt, fruitcake. Baking spices emerge next, similar to those noticed on the nose (nutmeg, cinnamon) together with tobacco and dark cherry. Although it has a rich presentation, there is a thin and dry quality to the palate and just like the nose, oak is noticed behind every flavour. Finish: Medium. Fruitcake and port notes. I found very little in this whisky to match the official Distiller tasting notes, however I'm not surprised as Limeburners is known for being uneven . This particular batch is less sweet and controlled by the tawny [Australian port] than I've tasted before, but the cask was allowed to run wild. Every Limeburners batch is a single cask expression (diluted) and after years of being all over the place I can't help but wonder why they don't introduce at least a modicum of consistency by blending casks. This is a malt I find more "interesting" then enjoyable. It does evolve in the glass and has depth, but it can also seem ham-fisted and confused. I had hoped that this sample would be the best of the three in the pack I bought recently, but sadly it is just not that good. This cask was either allowed to mature for far too long, or it was far too active for the short maturation whisky must of necessity receive in a hot, dry and widely varying climate. A drop of water soothes the nose a little, but is a disaster on the palate, bringing out harsh bitter tannins. This is much better neat. Tasted from a distillery-bottled 100ml sample. "Average" : 2.75
144.0 AUD per Bottle
  • ContemplativeFox
    November 1, 2020

    Interesting is a great reason to get a sample, but at that price I sure wouldn't want to buy a bottle. Great notes!