Highland Park Valknut

Peated Single Malt — Islands, Scotland

4.25 out of 5 stars
My last review on the whiskies from the Highland Park Viking Legends Saga, this time for "Valknut", after having the great Valkyrie and the Not-so-great Valfather. Valknut etimologically comes from "Val" which is a Viking warrior and "Knut", a knot. The symbol to represent a Valknut is three triangles, the ones that appear on the bottle. Talking about the whisky itself, bottled at 46.8%abv, burnished gold color. On the nose, very greasy. BBQ sauce, glazed pork, grease, bacon. After having a first sip, aroma changes into a sweeter profile, with milk chocolate, vanilla. But BBQ is still there. Letting it breath more, will release more vanilla, but also a salty, maritime aroma. On the palate, it becomes sweeter as you take more sips. Starts with bacon, sausages, vanilla and oak spice. Second sip is lot of vanilla and salt. After a third sip, it has become super sweet, a pure vanilla flavor. Aftertaste is where it shows its Highland Park profiles. Smokey, scorched ground, pepper and salt. Prunes and burnt grass. Overall this is a balanced whisky, it stands between the Valfather and Valkyrie. An 87 over a 100 score is fair for it. For the price tag, it is a good dram.
  • ContemplativeFox

    Valkyrie was my favorite as well. Glad I didn't bother hunting down as bar that had Valfather.