Tequila El Mayor Reposado

Tequila Reposado — Jalisco, Mexico

3.75 out of 5 stars
Another mid to upper 20 dollar Jalisco Reposado imported for Luxco, el Mayor could be as close to a "does everything" Repo tequila as any. The nose is exceptionally smooth and sweet but also doesn't offer up much beyond the fragrant agave bouquet,, some hints of spicyness and just a very feint smoke but really nothing complex at all. Front taste is spicy, a bit of citrus fruit even some dry apple/pear, quickly gives way to some hot black pepper notes, the sweetness is understated and again nothing like a heavy or intense smoke feeling on this one. It all fades quickly with a bit of a bitter cinnamon kick at the end along with the feint smoke. Over all I really like the notes it brings and the fact it's on the dryer side doesn't seem to hurt it at all. A tequila that would work well in mixed drinks or as shooters and sippers, I can see a lot of versatility for this one, a real do it all tequila that won't break the bank. Doesn't hurt that it comes in an attractive classical style corked bottle. Cheers!
28.0 USD per Bottle