Conniption American Dry Gin

Modern Gin — North Carolina , USA

4.5 out of 5 stars
Before I begin the review I want to thank BDanner for recommending this gin to me. In the last year especially I have been trying in my small way to support local business during the China Virus craziness and that goes for local/small distilleries as well. When I travel now I try to reach out to people in the area and get recommendations on local spirits that I can not find in coastal South Carolina and then pick one or two and try them. With that said one to the review. As you can see from the score I really like this gin. On the nose, this clear liquid comes alive with amazing scents. You can smell juniper but it is not overpowering and cardamon (I actually went to my spice cabinet and opened coriander and cardamon to smell them with the gin) this gin has a ton of citrus notes in it as well. The body is very much citrus and ethanol. However, for 88 proof, it is fairly smooth to sip on. There are several flavors I still can't identify but they are quite pleasant and really round out the gin. The finish is very nice and long for a gin. For people that like the peppercorn finish that Beefeater and Tanqueray have you may be disappointed with this gin. As far as cocktails are concerned this is a special animal. The drinks I have made so far ranged from absolutely amazing to dear lord what have I done. A Martini made with this gin is one of the best I have ever had using Noilly Prat Extra Dry vermouth all of the flavors compliment each other very well. The same with a Vesper using Cocchi Americano and Reyka vodka the citrus notes again work so well together it is an amazing drink. With the Gin and Tonic, it is a mixed bag of squirrels with regular tonic and maybe a squeeze of lime great, but with Indian River Elderflower or Mediterranean tonic water nearly a crime against man and nature. Also, with an Aviation cocktail, it is not very good with the Creme do Violette. To me, it was like having a flower flavored lemonade. So overall how is the gin it is wonderful and I will continue to get this when I travel to North Carolina in the future. The price above is a good bit high as I got this bottle for $26 plus tax. This is a special gin and I look forward to making other drinks with it. Conniption American Dry gin should be in your bar if you like gin. Enjoy.
26.0 USD per Bottle
  • BDanner

    Nice review. Glad you liked it. Excellent point about supporting small craft distillers when possible. Covid-19 has made it very difficult for them as a big chunk of their income is from tours, tastings, onsite bottle and cocktail sales, food trucks, live music, etc. Things that have become increasingly difficult to do during a pandemic. The big boys are doing just fine (maybe even better seeing that bottle sales have increased with stay at home orders) so when you find a local you like, support them if possible.

  • ctbeck11

    @Ancient33w Thanks for the recommendations. I have a sample of the gunpowder gin. I’ll keep a look out for the other two.

  • Ancient33w

    Thanks ctbeck11. When I first started drinking bourbons and whiskeys I kind of fell into gins as a hot weather drink. Over the last few years I have developed a taste for them when it is hot. Please try Roku, Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin, or Ford's they are all excellent.

  • ctbeck11

    Great notes! And thanks for including the cocktail recommendations. I’ve been sitting on ~10 gin samples and putting off reviewing them, as I’ve never had a liking for the stuff, and I’m not really sure what I’m smelling and tasting most of the time. I think I’ll switch gears tonight and give one a try. Thanks for the inspiration.