Best of the Worst Community Reviews from 2023

December 7, 2023

Not everything is a winner to everyone, and while we try to keep it cordial, the Distiller community pulls no punches when it comes to bad and hilarious reviews. Here are a few of our favorites from the year. For obvious reasons we’re omitting some of the related spirit.

Best of the Worst

“So bad that I could not give it away, and I was afraid that pouring it out in the sink or the toilet would contaminate the local water supply” – DrJonnyUNCMD

“Smells and taste like a petting zoo.” – Whiskythief1122

“It tasted like someone tried to put out a tire fire at an abandoned Chucky cheese by using only orange pith, used tea bags, and regret.” – beejaydub (We can reveal this one was about the ever-polarizing Malört)

Worst of the Best

“All my favorite smells are things you can’t eat. Woodshops, coal furnances, ironworking, instrument repair stores, fresh hot tar, campfires, burning rubber, gasoline, leather tanning, old libraries, dried out paint cans, the air on the beach after it rains. Laphroaig lets me taste these.” – Phineas_Gage (Phineas, we have some questions–and yes, this one is from Laphroaig 10)

“I have never felt more like a man in my entire life drinking this. I finally got the courage to call my dad and tell him off. Tell him that I am a man and that I am worthy. But I missed-dialed and accidentally called my pal Brian and now I have to help him move into his apartment next week.” – SquidBoy rates Lagavulin Offerman Edition 11 Year

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