New Booze News: Westland, Peerless, Hendrick’s, and Bacardí

June 7, 2017

Before our official reviews for these bottles arrive, we wanted to give you a sneak peek about what’s coming soon to stores near you. Here’s the New Booze News for the week of June 5th 2017 including the latest from Westland Distillery, Hendrick’s, and Bacardí among others!


Westland Distillery Garryana 2017 Edition 2|1

With a launch date of June 10th 2017, this is the second release of Westland’s Native Oak Garryana series. The single malt is comprised of five types of malt (Washington select pale, Munich, extra special, pale chocolate, and brown). It was aged a minimum of 38 months in three types of barrels: 52% first-fill ex-bourbon (Quercus alba), 27% virgin Quercus alba, and 21% virgin Quercus garryana, a species of white oak native to the Pacific Northwest. Only 2600 bottles were produced.
Westland Distillery GarryanaWestland Garryana 2017 Edition 2|1

For a closer look regarding the sourcing Garry oak (Quercus garryana) check out Westland’s video detailing their journey, narrated by Westland’s own Matt Hofmann.

Ranger Creek .36 Texas Straight Bourbon

Released June 2017, this straight bourbon release from Ranger Creek uses the same recipe as their white dog and small caliber bourbon releases, but uses different aging techniques. This bourbon is aged only in traditional oak barrels rather than small barrels. This Texas grain-to-bottle distillery is also a brewery with their facilities located in San Antonio.

Ranger CreekRanger Creek .36 Texas Straight Bourbon

Peerless Straight Rye Whiskey

Released on May 20, 2017, this bottling marks the first Peerless Whiskey release in over 100 years. This Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey was made from a sweet, not a sour, mash at this grain-to-bottle distillery. It aged for 24 months in new, charred American oak and is bottled at a cask-strength of 53.8% ABV. The whiskey is not chill-filtered.

Peerless WhiskeyPeerless Straight Rye Whiskey


Hendrick’s Orbium Gin

Released in May 2017 to the UK, this Hendrick’s release was created by Master Distiller Lesley Gracie. The same distillate as their standard Hendrick’s Gin is used, but this gin has added extracts of quinine, wormwood, and blue lotus blossom. Orbium is the plural for “orbis”, Latin for “circle” and is said to represent the “spherical round taste” that Gracie refers to when describing Hendrick’s house style. Only 4000 bottles were produced with initial bottles being sold at bars on-premise in the UK.

Hendrick's OrbiumHendrick’s Orbium Gin


Bacardí Major Lazer

Earlier this year, the electronic music trio Major Lazer collaborated with Bacardí to launch “The Sound of Rum”, a year-long collective, creative partnership. In addition to multimedia events and music offerings, this limited edition rum was created. The rum was created with assistance from Jillionaire, Trinidadian DJ and music producer and a member of Major Lazer who has become Bacardí’s Minister of Rum. He worked along with Bacardí Maestro of Ron Manny Oliver.

“I’m truly passionate about rum, its craft and its Caribbean heritage. I grew up in Trinidad, where rum is a big part of the culture, and I worked in bars for many years learning how to master the perfect rum cocktail,” said Jillionaire.

Bacardi Major LazerBacardí Major Lazer

“As Minister of Rum at Bacardí, I hope to further deepen Bacardí’s connection to music and embed the Sound of Rum into broader culture.”

The rum is a blend of light and dark rum and is aged for three to four years. It is expected to hit shelves beginning in June with an expected September date for international markets. Suggested retail price $19.99.

Brinley Gold Shipwreck White Reserve

Available June 2017, this white rum is the latest from Brinley Gold located in St. Kitts. It is distilled from blackstrap molasses and aged for one year in American oak barrels before it is charcoal-filtered. The label highlights navigational coordinates marking the locations of some historic shipwrecks throughout history including the Titanic. A portion of the sale of each bottle will be donated to the St. Kitts Sea Turtle Monitoring Network which rescues and protects sea turtles. Bottled at 40% ABV, it has a suggested retail price of $23.

Brinley Gold ShipwreckBrinley Gold Shipwreck White Reserve

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