Potato Vodka: Creamy, Sweet and Full Bodied Sippers

August 21, 2021

While there are some folks who think that all vodkas taste the same, vodka connoisseurs know better. The base ingredient can make a huge difference in the taste profile (as can the filtration process). And while many grain vodka producers are looking for a neutral drinking experience, those making potato vodka are seeking the creamy, sweet and earthy profile that potatoes bring to the glass. They also tend to be full bodied which makes them great for sipping even at room temperature.

Potato vodka makes up just a small percentage of the world’s vodka, but there are several producers out there making quality stuff from Poland to Portland. In addition to making great sippers, they perform well in a dry Vodka Martini which can show off its great flavor.

Chopin Potato Vodka

This vodka was first launched in 1992 and introduced to the US in 1997. This family-owned brand produces single ingredient vodkas with no flavored vodkas in their portfolio. Their 100% potato vodka is made mostly from potatoes sourced within 25 miles of the distillery, some of which they grow themselves. They are cooked whole with their skins prior to fermentation. The vodka is distilled in a copper column-still.

Chopin Potato Vodka /Photo Credit: Chopin

44 North Idaho Potato Vodka

Distilled from 100% Idaho potatoes—Burbank and Russet—this release from 44 North is naturally gluten-free. Furthermore, the vodka is brought down to 40% ABV using Rocky Mountain water. 44 North is named for the latitude that crosses through Idaho.

Arbikie Tattie Bogle Potato Vodka

This farm-to-bottle vodka is distilled from a trio of potatoes grown on the brand’s estate: Maris Piper, King Edward and Cultra. All steps of production are done onsite in Angus, Scotland from harvesting to labeling the bottles.

Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka

Boyd & Blair is made from 100% Pennsylvanian potatoes. The vodka is triple-batch distilled in a 1200-liter copper hybrid still. Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries is a family-owned and operated brand. As a result, everything from the mashing to the bottle labeling is done on-site.

Woody Creek Potato Vodka

This farm-to-bottle vodka uses 100% potatoes which are grown on the brand’s family farm just outside Aspen, Colorado. The potatoes, after mashing and fermentation, are distilled in the brand’s custom Carl stills.

Woody Creek Potato Vodka /Photo Credit: Woody Creek

Karlsson’s Gold Vodka

This vodka is made from a variety of “virgin new potatoes” from Cape Bjäre, Sweden—potatoes picked early in the season when the skin has just started to form. These varieties include Solist, Gammel Svensk Röd, Princess, Sankta Thora, Hamlet, Marine and Celine. Each varietal is distilled once through a copper-lined continuous still. The separate distillates are then blended together without charcoal-filtering.

Chase Original Potato Vodka

This vodka is made in Herefordshire by field-to-bottle Chase Distillery. Three types of potatoes are grown here: King Edward, Lady Claire and Lady Rosetta. They are processed and distilled in a copper pot still named “Fat Betty”. Notably, it takes about 250 potatoes to create each bottle.

Luksusowa Potato Vodka

Luksusowa, Polish for “luxury”, is a vodka distilled from potatoes. The vodka is copper column-distilled and rectified before water is added to bring it to 40% ABV. The vodka is then filtered for clarity.

Portland Potato Vodka

This vodka is made at Oregon’s Eastside Distilling which produces a variety of spirits ranging from rums to whiskeys, along with a few vodkas. This naturally gluten-free vodka is bottled at 80 proof.

Ready to grab a bottle of potato vodka?

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