Springtime Gins: Celebrate the Season with Fruity and Floral Gins

March 20, 2019

We’ve finally reached that time of year when a burst of sunshine gets our hearts racing. The anticipation of leaving our down coats and gloves behind for sunscreen and sandals is a fantastic feeling. Unfortunately we’ve still got a few weeks to go before the danger of frost is truly behind us. But that doesn’t mean we can’t raise a glass in anticipation of the upcoming season. Springtime gins, those that feature either fruit or floral flavors (or both), will help satiate your craving for the promise of warmer days ahead.

Magellan Iris Flavored Gin

One of spring’s most showy flowers, iris come in all sorts of colors. None, however, are quite as eye catching as those with that classic indigo-violet hue—perhaps that’s why it’s the key ingredient in Magellan Iris Gin. Distilled in France at the Angeac Distillery, this springtime gin is infused with a variety of botanicals, from orange peel to cinnamon. Then, just before bottling, it’s infused with iris root and flower, imparting a delicate, but noteworthy floral flavor to match its tinge of color. Mix with tonic and a squeeze of lemon to welcome the season’s first blooms.

Magellan Iris Flavored Gin / Photo Credit: Magellan Gin

Cardinal Spirits Terra Botanical Gin

There’s no better way to kick off the start of the season than a jaunt through the woods to see the natural world springing to life (pun intended). But if Old Man Winter is still nipping at your heels, pick up a bottle of this outdoorsy gin. Made at Indiana’s Cardinal Spirits, it’s infused with Zeta, an Israeli mint that imparts its signature pine resin-like flavor. Why not go all in and immerse yourself in a cocktail to highlight these flavors such as a Tom Collins.

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Cardinal Spirits Terra Botanical Gin / Photo Credit: Cardinal Spirits

J.J. Whitley Elderflower Gin

Elderflower is a popular flavoring for liqueurs and cordials that flavor springtime drinks around the world—and for good reason. The unique floral tones this particular flower imparts are paired with the warm flavors of cinnamon and honey. Mix it with tonic or put it to work in a Bee’s Knees while you revel in the thoughts of sunshine and alfresco drinking to come.

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J.J. Whitley Elderflower Gin / Photo Credit: J.J. Whitley Gin

Four Pillars X Hernö Dry Island Gin

Inclined to escape to an island oasis to wait out winter’s end, but your bank account doth protest? Well, same. But a bottle of this citrusy, floral gin is but a fraction of the price of carousing in the Caribbean. Dry Island Gin blends an assortment of classic botanicals with citrus peel, meadowsweet, strawberry gum, river mint, and toasted wattleseed. The result is a springtime gin that tastes like you’re laying in a lush, green field. Grab a bottle while you can and put it to work in any and all bright, fresh stirred drinks.

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Four Pillars X Hernö Dry Island Gin / Photo Credit: Four Pillars Gin

Brockmans Gin

Perhaps the winter blues have you down and you’re can’t even muster the energy to mix a cocktail. Fortunately, this berry-packed gin will inject a bit of springtime spunk into your day with minimal effort. Underneath the predominant flavors of blueberry and blackberry, Brockmans is flecked with floral and citrus notes to add complexity and depth—a must for a gin that calls to be sipped solely with ice.

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Berry Breeze Cocktail Using Brockmans Gin / Photo Credit: Brockmans Gin

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