Highest Rated Rums From August

These ten rums grabbed the highest rankings from our Tasting Table in the month of August!
Sep 01, 2016
  • 10
    10 Muddy River Silver Carolina Rum
    Sweet & Spicy
    Robbie and Caroline Delaney, unhappy with their respective careers in construction and accounting, threw caution to the wind and decided to follow their true passion distilling rum. A 500-square-foot space in an abandoned yarn-dyeing-mill near the “muddy” Catawba River was where they decided to set up shop, initially making only 35 bottles a day. These days, the distilling duo produces 300 bottles a day. Their Silver Carolina Rum was their first product, launched in 2012, and the base for all their spirits.
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    9 Grenada Rum 13 Year Berrys' Finest (Berry Bros & Rudd)
    Rich & Roast
    Berrys’ Own Selections is a spirits program founded by Berry Brothers & Rudd, one of London’s oldest Wine and Spirits Merchants. The spirits are curated from around the world and bottled by in England. The Grenada 13 year rum is distilled at Westerhall Estates, which is the third-oldest distillery in Grenada. The rum is distilled from molasses using a column still.
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    8 Copper Run Overproof White Rum
    Missouri distillery Copper Run uses a 140-gallon, direct-fire, copper pot-still to produce their entire line of spirits. Their Caribbean style Overproof Rum is made with blackstrap molasses and bottled at 120 proof.
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    7 CJ Spirits Rum 6
    This Pennsylvanian white rum is named for historic and scenic route that spans across the entire Quaker State. It is distilled from molasses, distilled in a 300-gallon still, and aged using black cherry hardwood staves.
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    6 Wicked Dolphin Brewer’s Series Double Barrel-Cigar City
    Wicked Dolphin’s distiller, Dan Termini, is a craft beer guy, so it’s no surprise that the distillery is experimenting with aging in ex-beer barrels. The Florida-born pot still rum first spends two year aging in ex-bourbon barrels. These barrels—after holding bourbon for three years and rum for two--then travel to a brewery for a nine-month stint holding stout. The barrel’s last step is a return to Wicked Dolphin to spend another year further enhancing the rum.
  • 5
    5 St Lucia Rum 11 Year Berrys' Finest (Berry Bros. & Rudd)
    Herbal & Floral
    Berrys’ Own Selections is a spirits program founded by Berry Brothers & Rudd, one of London’s oldest Wine and Spirits Merchants. The spirits are curated from around the world and bottled by in England. The St. Lucia 11 year rum is distilled using pot stills at St. Lucia Distillers with molasses sourced from the river plains of Guyana.
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    4 Yaguara Cachaça Ouro
    Rich & Sweet
    Ouro is Yaguara's aged expression, launched to coincide with the 2016 Summer Olympic games in Rio. It is the brain child of Master Blender Erwin Weimann and is a blend of fresh sugarcane distillate that was aged in several types of wood--two Brazilian woods, Amburana and Cambreúva, and American oak. It is bottled at 42% ABV. Note: The bottle is designed by UK-based glass artist Brian Clarke.
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    3 Mocambo 20 Year Rum
    Woody & Roast
    This rum is distilled in Mexico at Licores Veracruz, S.A. de C.V. It is made using a combination of continuous column-still and pot-stills to create their rums from molasses and sugarcane juice. After distillation the rum is aged in European white oak barrels. The rum bottle is presented in a bottle wrapped in amate tree fibers. This is called the "Art edition" because each bottle is a work of art created by artist Master Victor Fernandez. He uses Amate Tree fibers to create the design wrapped around the bottle. Each bottle is individually numbered and unique. The rum in the bottle has a dark chocolate with rusty amber highlights. In the glass the colors lighten to a mahogany with amber highlights. Agitating the liquid created a thick band around the glass and slowly releases legs that crawl down the side of the glass.
  • 2
    2 Afrohead 7 Year Rum
    Sweet & Rich
    Afrohead was founded in 2008 by Australian rock music industry veteran and entrepreneur Toby Tyler. Having moved to the West Indies in the late 90s, he developed a passion for rum and sought to create his own blends. This selection is a blend of rums aged a minimum of 7 years in ex-bourbon casks, bottled in Barbados. Note: The image on the bottle is an homage to Bahamian culture and the first Miss Bahama 1963, with various symbols of the island culture found within the crown and tendrils.
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    1 Novo Fogo Single Barrel 86 Cachaça
    Novo Fogo is uncommonly serious about terroir. Their estate-grown organic cachaça is harvested and produced according to traditional methods, by hand, in small batches (130 liters each) in a zero-waste distillery in the state of Paraná, Brazil. Single barrel cachaça is also uncommon and they have aged barrel #86 for one year in used barrels from Four Roses Bourbon. These barrels are taken apart to sand down and reassemble with a new medium toast; this is all in an effort to let the sugar cane show through. Only 186 bottles produced, released in 2016.