Whiskey For Your Office Holiday Party

Great for mixing, shooting, and doctoring that eggnog--whatever your pleasure, these all hit the mark without breaking the bank.
Dec 13, 2016
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    10 Kinahan's Blended Irish Whiskey
    If you'll notice on the bottle there is small print above the Kinahan's brand with the words "The Lord Lieutenant" above it. This refers to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland who loved this whiskey so much, he demanded that a vat be set aside exclusively for him and the letters "LL" signified his allotment. This sourced blended Irish whiskey is aged between 6-10 years and is non chill-filtered.
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    9 Hankey Bannister Original Blend
    Sweet & Fruity
    This unusually named whisky is derived from the wine & spirits merchants that created the blend in the West End of London, Mr. Hankey & Mr. Bannister. They were some of the first to take Scotch whisky out of Scotland and blend it elsewhere which they did over two hundred years ago. It is a blended whisky comprised of Lowland grain whiskies and Highland & Speyside Malt whiskies.
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    8 Rebel Yell Straight Rye
    Sweet & Rich
    Rebel Yell is a brand which was founded in 1849, originally produced at the Stizel-Weller distillery in Kentucky. Now owned by Luxco, the Straight Rye is sourced from Indiana for Rebel Yell. It consists of a mash bill of rye, corn and malted barley, aged for a minimum of 2 years.
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    7 Dewar's White Label
    Sweet & Fruity
    Dewar's was started by John Dewar Sr, a wine & spirits merchant, but the company really got going by his sons, John Alexander and Tommy. Dewar's White Label is comprised of over 40 different malt and grain whiskies and was created by their first Master Blender, A. J. Cameron in 1899.
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    6 Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight Bourbon
    Rich & Spicy
    Aged on average 6 to 8 years this replacement for the Turkey 80 was brought about for a couple of reasons. It has an ever so slight higher proof and a different blend for the 'mixology' crowd and some speculate that it was a way for Jimmy's son Eddie Russell to make his statement on the company. For whatever reason, the end result is still Turkey in the bottle, rye forward and properly priced. Formerly known as Wild Turkey 81, a package redesign and straightforward name change to Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight Bourbon occurred in 2016. Done so to highlight the difference in formula, as many mistakenly thought it was an 81 lower proof version of the brand's famous 101.
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    5 Medley Brothers Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
    Rich & Full Bodied
    Medley Brothers Kentucky Straight Bourbon is the product of Charles Medley and his son Sam, who are better known for producing Wathen’s Single Barrel. This is an NDP (Non-Distiller Producer) whiskey coming from Kentucky. The mash bill is 77% corn, 10% rye, and 13% malted barley.
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    4 Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt
    Fruity & Sweet
    The name Monkey Shoulder originates from an injury that the maltmen (those that hand turn the grain in a malthouse) would get as it would leave one arm hanging. This blended malt whisky is comprised of three single malt distilleries: Kininvie, Glenfiddich, and The Balvenie. The trio gets acquainted in a tun for three to six months before being bottled on site.
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    3 TINCUP American Whiskey
    Fruity & Sweet
    TINCUP is a sourced whiskey from MGP/LDI in Indiana and is comprised of a high-rye mash bill (64% corn, 32% rye, and 4% malted barley). It is aged in new, charred American oak for 4-5 years and is cut with Rocky Mountain water. Named for a once prominent mining town in Colorado, TINCUP tops its bottles with a tin cup for you to drink from as miners did back in the day.
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    2 Pike Creek Canadian Whisky Finished in Port Wine Barrels
    Rich & Full Bodied
    Purchase this whisky in its homeland and you’ll get a product with a 10 year age statement. The version available in the U.S. however, is aged for an average of 7 to 8 years and finished in used port barrels. This whisky was initially produced in the 1990s, then discontinued. With the growing interest in small-batch, craft Canadian whisky, it was recently reprised.
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    1 Larceny Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon
    Sweet & Rich
    Larceny Small Batch is a brand extension of Heaven Hill's Old Fitzgerald line. According to their story, back in the day, John E. Fitzgerald used his privilege of holding the keys to Pappy Van Winkle's bonded warehouse, where the Old Fitzgerald bourbons were kept, to steal the best casks for himself. These became known as the "Fitzgerald Barrels." Larceny is a wheated straight bourbon made from a blend of selected barrels made in honor of this legend. It bears no-age statement and is bottled at 92 proof.