New Expert Spirit Reviews - June 5, 2024 - Barrell Bourbon Mizunara Cask Finish, Ardbeg Spectacular, Starward Lagavulin Cask Finish and More!

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Jun 05, 2024
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    This is the third release from the brand's Cask Finish Series featuring blends of straight bourbons with unique finishes. Here, BCS begins by blending straight bourbon whiskeys from Indiana (aged 6, 7 & 9 years), Tennessee (aged 8 & 14 years), and Kentucky (aged 8 years). Then the blend gets an additional year and a half in Japanese Mizunara oak barrels. Bottled at cask strength of 116.42 proof, its available at select retailers nationwide and via BCS website beginning April 2024. (SRP $89.99)
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    This 2024 release from Ardbeg is matured in port wine casks and then married with bourbon cask matured Ardbeg— a first for the distillery! Released in celebration of Ardbeg Day 2024 which is held on the last day of Islay's Festival of Music and Malt (Fèis Ìle), this year theme is "Dark Circus." Available globally with the US getting its allotment beginning May 1, 2024. (SRP $129.99)
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    The Badönkådonk is Whistlepig's follow up to the brand's 2023 "super-aged" North American single malt The Béhôlden. Like that release, this expression was distilled in Canada at the "first single malt distillery in North America." Here, the single malt was matured for 25 years in new American oak barrels followed by a finishing in California's Silver Oak Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon wine barrels, also made from American oak. Bottled as a single barrel release, The Badönkådonk will be available in limited quantities annually beginning April 2024 at and select retailers and on-premise accounts nationally. (SRP $1,999.99)
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    The Master's Keep limited edition series first started in 2015 and it allows Wild Turkey Master Distiller Eddie Russell to showcase his approach to whiskey making. Named Triumph, this bottling is the oldest age-stated rye whiskey ever released by Wild Turkey and just the second rye whiskey in the series. Aged for 10 years in char #4 new American oak barrels, this is bottled without chill-filtration at 104 proof. Available in limited quantities for on-line pre-sale purchases in early June 2024 and in-store at select retailers ahead of Father's Day 2024. (SRP $275)
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    The 2024 release for Michter's 10 Year Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon is set for April 2024. As with most recent releases, the barrels were selected by Master Distiller Dan McKee, along with Master of Maturation Andrea Wilson. Also, like the rest of the Michter's whiskeys supplies are allocated due to the high demand. (SRP $185)
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    The Dalmore's Luminary series is a three part series of rare and limited edition single malts created by exceptional luminaries from the worlds of whisky and architectural design. Here, the brand collaborated with V & A Dundee, Scotland's design museum. The single malt whisky contains a small amount of rare peated Dalmore spirit. After aging for 16 years in bourbon casks, it was then finished in a blend of Graham's Tawny port pipes and Apostoles sherry casks. Additionally, a small portion was aged in peated ex-refill bourbon casks. Available at select retailers worldwide and at Global Travel Retail beginning April 2, 2024. (SRP $350)
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    Blood Oath is an annual limited edition release crafted by Lux Row Master Distiller & Blender John Rempe. For Pact No. 10, Rempe blended three batches of Kentucky straight bourbon. Then the blend received two finishes — the first was in Cabernet Franc wine barrels and the second in Merlot wine barrels. As with all Pact releases, this was bottled at 98.6 proof (48.3% ABV). For this limited edition release there were 51,000 bottles produced with availability beginning April 2024. (SRP $129.99)
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    The fifth release in the vintage bottled in bond Tennessee whisky series from George Dickel was once again overseen by Nicole Austin, director of George Dickel & luxury whisky. Made using a mash bill recipe of 84% corn, 8% rye, and 8% malted barley, this whisky was distilled in spring 2011. After distillation it was chill charcoal-filtered and placed into new, charred American oak barrels for 12 years. Available nationwide beginning May 2024. (SRP $44.99)
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    Like the first limited edition Rye the Lightning bottling released in 2022, this release was inspired by Metallica's 6x platinum sophomore album Ride the Lightning. Here, a selection of straight rye whiskeys were chosen by Master Distiller & Blender Rob Dietrich and then vatted together. Then the blend was finished in Madeira wine and Caribbean rum casks for 2-14 weeks each while the barrels underwent the brand's proprietary BLACK NOISE sonic enhancement process. Bottled at 92 proof without chill-filtration, it's available nationwide beginning April 2024. (SRP $69.99)
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    This is the first in an expected series of annual finishes for the Ezra Brooks 99 portfolio. Here, the brand begins with their Kentucky straight bourbon (78% corn, 10% rye, 12% malted barley) and finishes it in port wine casks for six months. Bottled at the signature 99 proof (49.5% ABV), this is being shipped to retailers nationwide in April 2024. (SRP $34.99)
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    This Small Batch Rye expression from Sagamore Spirit is the first 100% Maryland-distilled rye whiskey from the brand. Using non-GMO grains sourced from their Farm-to-Table process, this whiskey used a blend of triple-distilled high and low rye mash bills. It was matured for 4-6 years and was blended in small batches of 20 barrels. Bottled at 93 proof, it's available globally beginning May 2024. (SRP $39.99)
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    This limited edition expression is a collaboration between Starward Australian Whisky and Lagavulin Distillery. It consists of Starward's flagship red wine cask-finished single malt Australian whisky that has been finished for an additional 18 months in barrels that once held Lagavulin peated single malt from Scotland. It is bottled at 48% ABV and available in limited quantities as of April 2024. (SRP $130)