New Expert Spirit Reviews - May 31, 2023

Check out the latest spirits reviewed by our Tasting Table experts! Photo credit: Puncher's Chance
May 31, 2023
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    Puncher's Chance The Undisputed Single Barrel Bourbon comes from Eugene, Oregon's Wolf Spirit. This single barrel Kentucky Straight bourbon is a bottling of five to six year old whiskey with a mash bill of 75% corn, 13% rye and 12% barley. It is bottled at near cask proof at 108 proof. This is the second permanent addition to the brand's portfolio. Available as of March 2023. (SRP $55)
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    Scarlet Shade is the first rye in Diageo's Orphan Barrel Whiskey Co. portfolio or forgotten whiskeys. Master Blender Samantha Johnson blended the rye whiskey stocks which had travelled from Indiana where it was distilled to Kentucky where it was aged for 14 years. It was bottled in Tennessee at 90 proof. The tattoo-inspired label features a cardinal, the state bird of both Indiana and Kentucky, and a peony which is the state flower of Indiana as well as a skull to "honor lost loved ones." This limited edition rye whiskey is available beginning May 2023 nationwide. (SRP $199.99)
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    The 2023 release for Michter's 10 Year Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Rye is set for April 2023. This Kentucky straight rye is made with rye, corn, and malted barley. The barrels for the 2023 release were selected by Master Distiller Dan McKee and Master of Maturation Andrea Wilson. Like all Michter's whiskeys, this bottling is allocated. However, Michter's has been expanding its capacity by transitioning its core Shively Distillery to a 24/7 operation among other investments to help meet demand. (SRP $200)
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    This Glengoyne 15 Year is an update to a previous 15 Year single malt expression and it's a core expression in its portfolio. Glengoyne which translates to 'Glen of the Wild Geese,' has uniquely-shaped stills that results in a long distillation. As a result, this creates a light and fruity signature spirit. Here, the new make whisky is matured in first-fill bourbon (20%), first-fill sherry (25%) and refill casks (55%). Following a UK launch in fall 2022, Glengoyne 15 Year was released in the US in April 2023. (SRP $129.99)
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    Ardbeg Heavy Vapours is the 2023 release to celebrate Ardbeg Day, held annually during the Islay Festival of Music and Malt (Fèis Ìle). Crafted by Dr. Bill Lumsden, this single malt whisky is made without the use of a purifier, a part of the still which gives Ardbeg a balance of fruit and smoke. This lack of the purifier allows the heaviest vapours to rise up during the distillation process. This limited edition bottling is packaged at 46% ABV, slightly lower than the Committee Member release and has a much wider availability. (SRP $130)