New Expert Spirit Reviews - October 25, 2023

Check out the latest spirits reviewed by our Tasting Table experts! Photo Credit: Russell's Reserve
Oct 25, 2023
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    This is the second release in Russell's Reserve Single Rickhouse Collection, an annual limited edition series featuring rare liquid from a different rickhouse (past and present) from the Wild Turkey Distillery where the whiskeys mature. Here, the bourbon barrels were sourced from the Camp Nelson F Rickhouse which was build in the 1940s. Located near the Kentucky River, the wind currents here are known to influence the aging barrels by increasing airflow. Master Distiller Eddie Russell selected barrels aged over 10 years from the center-cut on floors four and five from the seven-story building. It is bottled without chill-filtration at a barrel proof of 117.6. Available at select retailers nationwide and at the Wild Turkey Distillery as of September 2023. (SRP $300)
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    After it's initial release in October 2019, Baker's Single Barrel Bourbon 13 Year has been re-released in August 2023. At 13 years, this offering is 6 years older than the standard 7 Year expression. Both are bottled at 107 proof. Purchasers can visit Baker's Bourbon website to see the Single Barrel Journey page. Here, the serial number on the bottle can reveal information about the bottle including weather, length of aging and warehouse location. The bourbon brand is named after Baker Beam, grand-nephew of Jim Beam and now retired 6th generation Beam family distiller. (SRP $129.99)
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    The Tribute Blend is the third release in 2XO's Icon Series and was made to honor the parents of American whiskey blender and founder of the brand Dixon Dedman. It's made from a blend of Kentucky straight bourbon whiskeys with two different mash bill recipes: one has a high-rye (35%) mash bill and the other has a low-rye (16-18%) mash bill. Like other releases from the brand, this features Dixon's "Two Times Oak" blending process -- rebarreling the selected bourbons into new charred oak barrels. Available for a limited time beginning September 2023. (SRP $99.99)
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    This 2023 limited edition Twice Barreled Heritage Barrel Rye begins with fully matured Jack Daniel's Tennessee Straight Rye (mash bill: 70% rye, 18% corn, 12% malted barley). It was charcoal mellowed prior to maturation which was done in new, charred American oak barrels for a minimum of 5 years. Then the rye was placed into a secondary barrel which was heavily-toasted and lightly charred for an additional 2 years. These Heritage Barrels were crafted at the Jack Daniel Cooperage. Available in limited quantities nationwide as of August 2023. (SRP $75-700ml)
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    Rattle & Snap is a whiskey brand bottled by Log Still Distillery. This Tennessee straight whiskey is made with a sour mash recipe and it's aged for a minimum of 4 years. Bottled at 94 proof. (SRP $36.99)