New Spirits Releases - September 23, 2022

Check out the latest releases hitting shelves soon. Photo Credit: Sazerac
Sep 23, 2022
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    This is the 28th release for The Last Drop, a spirits brand which features rare and extraordinary spirits from around the world. This Signature Blend was created by Sazerac Master Blender Drew Mayville who has held this position since 2004. During that time, Mayville has been preserving small quantities of his favorite whiskeys from Buffalo Trace. This blend features selected vintage Kentucky straight bourbon and rye whiskeys and is bottled at its uncut, high proof of 121.4 proof. Only 1,458 bottles are available for purchase globally. (SRP $3,999)
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    This is the 8th and penultimate release in the Bardstown Bourbon Co. Fusion series, a series which features straight bourbons distilled in-house as well as sourced Kentucky straight bourbon. Here BBCo. blends two of its own four year-old high-rye straight bourbons making up 70% of the blend with 12 year-old sourced Kentucky straight bourbon making up the remainder. Available at the BBCo. gift shop, online and at select retailers in the US as of September 2022. (SRP $64.99)
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    Redemption Sur Lee is a limited edition rye release for the whiskey brand which was influenced by the French winemaking technique called "sur lie" — wine which is aged with the lees (mostly dead yeast cells). Here Redemption uses the backset that comes off the still during distillation which they are calling "whiskey lees." These whiskey lees are placed into the barrels before aging and then the barrels are periodically rotated to keep the whiskey interacting with the lees. Redemption Sur Lee is bottled without chill filtration at 94 proof. Available in limited release as of October 2022 in NY, DE, FL, CA, TX & MA. (SRP $59.99)
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    The Bivouac is a release from HIRSCH which combines two straight bourbon whiskeys which were distilled in Bardstown, Kentucky. The majority of the blend features 3 year, 9 month-old bourbon which has a mash bill of 74% corn, 18% rye, and 8% malted barley. It is supplemented with some 8 year -old bourbon with a high malted barley recipe. According the brand, the mash bill was inspired by the original A.H. Hirsch 16 Year Reserve Bourbon. The Bivouac is bottled at 100 proof and available in select markets nationally beginning October 2022. (SRP $55)
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    Indri is one of three distilleries in Northern India under the Piccadily Distillers umbrella. Indri is their malt distillery located in Indri, Haryana and this single malt bottling is made with indigenous six-row barley from Rajasthan. After distillation, it's matured in three barrel types: ex-bourbon, French red wine, and PX sherry. The whiskies are then blended and bottled at 46% without chill-filtration or added coloring. Following an introduction in India, the UK, Europe and Australia, this whisky launched in the US in September 2022. (SRP $55)
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    This bottling from Glenfiddich is a special edition release to its core portfolio. It begins with 12 year-old single malt which has matured in traditional American and European oak. Then it finishes its maturation in casks which formerly held Amontillado sherry, a dry style of sherry which represents fewer than 2% of all sherry production. Bottled at 86 proof, its availability begins in California and Florida as of September 2022. (SRP $54.99)
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    This is the third and final release in GlenAllachie's 50th Anniversary The Past, Present, and Future series which is a tribute to Master Distiller Billy Walker and his 50-year-long career. Representing The Future, this whisky is the first release to be created under Walker leadership since his takeover in 2017 —and the first peated distillate from the distillery — and reflect his updated production methods. It was made using mainland peat from St. Fergus that was kilned at 80ppm. After distillation it was matured for 4 years in ex-rye, ex-bourbon, and virgin casks and bottled at a cask strength of 60.2% ABV without chill filtration. Only 10,000 bottles are available globally as of September 2022. (SRP £80/$90)
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    The Gauldrons is a blended malt Scotch whisky from Douglas Laing & Co. featuring single cask single malts from the Campbeltown region. This cask strength bottling is just the second limited edition release following the Sherry Cask Edition released in spring 2022. In addition to being bottled at full cask strength (53.4% ABV/106.8 proof), it is bottled without any chill filtration or added color. It's packaged in a black bottle with a deep purple wax seal and, to take advantage of its early October 2022 release date, features a label which glows in the dark. Only 3,120 bottles available for Europe, American & Asia. (SRP £60 / €70).
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    Scallywag is released by independent blender and bottler Douglas Laing featuring a blend of single cask single malts from Speyside. For this Winter 2022 release, the single casks were matured exclusively in oloroso and Pedro Ximenez sherry butts. It is bottled at cask strength of 54% ABV without chill-filtration or added color. Available globally including Europe, Asia, and America beginning October 2022. (SRP £57.50 / €68.50)
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    Big Peat is a Islay blended malt release bottled by Douglas Laing & Co. featuring a blend of single cask peated single malts from select Islay distilleries. This is bottled at a natural cask strength of 54.2% ABV. Available as of October 2022 globally including key markets in Europe, America, and Asia. (SRP £57.50 / €68.50)
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    Casa Dragones Reposado Mizunara is the fourth release for the tequila brand. Like previous releases, this is a 100% blue Weber agave tequila using agaves harvested from the Tequila Valley in Jalisco. For maturation, the brand worked with an independent cooperage in Japan who custom crafted the rare Japanese Mizunara oak casks used here. The tequila was rested exclusively in these casks and then bottled at 80 proof. Available as of September 2022. (SRP $169.99)
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    Canerock is a spiced rum from Maison Ferrand featuring 100% Jamaican aged rums. These rums, distilled at Long Pond and Clarendon, were distilled in pot & column stills and were aged from 5-10 years. The natural spices used here are vanilla from Madagascar, coconuts from the Caribbean, and ginger from Jamaica. These ingredients were infused individually before blending with the rum. Lastly, the blended rum is finished in PX sherry casks for several months. Available as of August 2022. (SRP $29.99)