The Best Whiskeys Aged In Rum Barrels

Typically, used whiskey barrels age rum. But what if you flip it and reverse it? These whiskeys are all fine examples of the genre. Kick off your shoes and pour yourself a dram. You’re on island time.
Oct 08, 2019
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    10 Dewar's Caribbean Smooth
    Sweet & Vanilla
    This whisky is a blend of up to 40 single malts which aged for at least 8 years. The blend was then finished in ex-Caribbean rum casks for a period of around six months. This release is the first in a series of double-aged cask finishes from Dewar's.
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    9 Ardbeg Drum
    Ardbeg Drum is a no-age statement release created to celebrate Ardbeg Day 2019 (June 1) held during the Islay Festival of Music & Malt (Fèis Ìle). The theme for this year's release is a Caribbean carnival. The single malt aged initially in ex-bourbon barrels and then finished its maturation in rum casks. Like previous Fèis Ìle bottlings for the brand, Ardbeg will release two versions of the whisky. One is bottled at 52% ABV and is sold exclusively to Ardbeg Committee Members through a link sent to them in March 2019. This, the second version, became available after Ardbeg Day 2019 and is sold at 46% ABV.
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    8 Angel's Envy Rye Finished in Caribbean Rum Casks
    Rich & Spicy
    Founded by well respected bourbon distiller Lincoln Henderson, Angel's Envy were some of the first American whiskey makers experimenting with different barrel finishes on a large scale. After the success of their port barrel bourbon, they released a rye whiskey that spends up to 18 months in Caribbean rum casks.
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    7 West Cork 12 Year Rum Cask Finish
    Vanilla & Rich
    This Irish single malt was produced by West Cork Distillers which was founded in 2003 by three friends. It was aged for 12 years in first-fill bourbon barrels, then finished for 110 days in rum casks. This limited release was bottled at 43% ABV.
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    6 Glenfiddich Fire & Cane
    Rich & Full Bodied
    Fire & Cane is the fourth installment in the Experimental Series from Glenfiddich. It is a no-age statement lightly peated release that is first matured in ex-bourbon barrels. The single malt is then finished in ex-rum casks for several months. It is bottled at 43% ABV and will be available beginning August 2018.
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    5 Tullamore D.E.W. XO Caribbean Rum Finish
    Sweet & Fruity
    Available beginning October 2017 is this rum finished Irish blended whiskey. This triple-distilled, triple blend, and triple wood whiskey finishes its maturation in first-fill Caribbean rum barrels which held Demerara rum. Bottled at 43% ABV.
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    4 The Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 Year
    Fruity & Sweet
    This bottling is aged traditionally in used American barrels for 14 years and then finished in rum casks, but these casks were seasoned by The Balvenie themselves. They selected different rums from the West Indies and poured them into new American oak to season the wood. They then take their aged whisky and finish aging in the seasoned rum casks. Incidentally, this method actually further ages the rum which they can then sell back. Classic!
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    3 Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey
    Sweet & Rich
    After its initial aging in oak barrels, Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey is further aged in casks that previously held Flor de Caña rum. The blended whiskey is currently sourced from Cooley Distillery, a distillery previously owned by the Teeling family now owned by Beam. It is then further matured in Teeling's own warehouses. The Teeling Whiskey Co is expected to begin producing its own whiskey in late 2014. It will be Dublin's only working distillery.
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    2 Glenfiddich 21 Year Reserva Rum Cask Finish
    Vanilla & Sweet
    What's in a name? When this rum-finished expression was first released in 2002, it was called Havana Reserve. This posed a problem with the United States as they have an embargo on Cuban products, even second hand. The name was eventually changed to Gran Reserva. An updated packaging design in 2016 included (yet again) another name change to Reserva Rum Cask Finish. Aged for 21 years in used American barrels, this spends its final four months in hand selected rum barrels from the Caribbean.
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    1 Pike Creek 10 Year Rum Barrel Finish
    Rich & Sweet
    Pike Creek is a Windsor, Ontario suburb that is home to Hiram Walker’s warehouses. The whisky made its celebrated return to store shelves in 2012 when it was re-released with the previously extinct Lot 40. The Canadian release of Pike Creek is a 10 year old rye whisky aged in white oak barrels then finished in port pipes. This Pike Creek expression takes that same 10 year old rye whisky, jacks up the ABV to 42% and adds a splash of rye to the corn whisky blend. Then, instead of port pipes, it’s finished in rum barrels.