Top Rated Bonded Whiskeys

These 100-proof whiskeys are hidden treasures amongst aficionados. Many offer a great bang for your buck and do wonders in cocktails like Old-Fashioneds and Manhattans.
Sep 14, 2016
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    Spicy & Rich
    Old Tub Kentucky Straight Bourbon is bottled without chill-filtration. It is also bottled in bond. Previously, Old Tub was only sold in 375ml bottles at Jim Beam's American Stillhouse shop in Clermont, Kentucky. However, as of June 2020 this has been released as a limited edition version nationwide in 750ml bottles. Old Tub was first launched in 1880, but was replaced by Jim Beam's flagship Original Bourbon bottling shortly after Prohibition.
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    Spicy & Rich
    The latest special edition Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr. release is Seasoned Wood, the 8th in the series. It's a wheated bourbon and it's also a bonded whiskey, bottled at 100 proof. The barrels used underwent multiple seasoning processes; some made with staves seasoned outdoors for either 6 or 12 months, others made with staves bathed in a heated, enzyme-rich water solution.
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    Sweet & Rich
    This is the third edition of the William Heavenhill bottlings available only at the Heaven Hill Bourbon Heritage Center in Bardstown, Kentucky. It is a bottled-in-bond mix of 10 and 11-year-old bourbons selected from Heaven Hill stock by Master Distillers Craig and Parker Beam.
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    Rich & Full Bodied
    In the second of the Old Forester Whiskey Row series, Brown-Forman has released a bourbon to commemorate the year the Bottled in Bond Act was enacted. The Act was created to literally "seal in the quality" of whiskey, which according to law must be from one distillery, from one season, made by one distiller and aged at a federally bonded warehouse for a minimum of 4 years at 100 proof.
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    Spicy & Rich
    What started as a limited run whiskey with an old fashioned sour mash has turned into a year-round, multi-bottling very popular line. While Taylor no longer utilizes the old fashioned sour mash, it's still a damn fine and solid product. This is a no-corn rye whiskey and is bottled in bond.
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    Old Grand-Dad is based on the high-rye bourbon recipe made famous by Basil Hayden -- it's his picture on the bottle. This is the Bottled-In-Bond version of Old Grand-Dad Bourbon, meaning it was all distilled in the same calendar year. Additionally, it was aged at least 4 years under government supervision, and it is bottled at 50% ABV. Along with Old Overholt Rye, Old Grand-Dad falls under "The Olds" whiskeys released by Jim Beam. 
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    Sweet & Vanilla
    Old Fitzgerald, a product of Heaven Hills Distillery, is a very affordable, everyday whiskey made with wheat as a secondary grain in place of rye in the mash bill. Wheated bourbons are known to be a bit softer and lighter than bourbons that are made with rye. This whiskey is also unique in that it is “Bottled in Bond” which ensures that a whiskey is produced and bottled by one distiller, in one distilling season, is aged in a bonded US government warehouse for a minimum of four years and is bottled at 100 proof.
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    Vanilla & Floral
    "Bottled in Bond" used to be a code for "the good stuff." Bonded whiskey is subject to regulation and production rules above and beyond those that normally govern the production of whiskey. Aged at least four years, with a higher proof, and in strictly controlled warehouses, this bottle is a return to a classic expression of whiskey.
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    Oily & Rich
    As the name indicates, this is a small batch whiskey comprised of selected whiskey barrels which were aged in Warehouse C. This warehouse was constructed by Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr in 1881. This bourbon is also a bonded whiskey which means that the bourbon was distilled in one season, aged for at least 4 years and bottled at 50% ABV.
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    Full Bodied & Rich
    Made by Heaven Hill Distillery, this Henry McKenna bottling is a Bottled-In-Bond Kentucky Straight Bourbon. Aged 10 years, this release is also a single barrel release with each bottle bearing both the bottling date and the barrel number. Single barrel whiskeys are unique bottlings so your mileage may vary, but you'll generally be sipping a rye-drinker's bourbon. Big, bold, spicy and a great choice for an Old Fashioned--go easy on the sugar, amp up the bitters a bit and garnish with a single orange peel.
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    One of the heroes of the rye world, Rittenhouse is a must have in your home bar, neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail. It's a bargain for a bonded rye and always a welcome gift for beginners or those more advanced. This rye whiskey from Heaven Hill is bottled at 50% ABV.
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    Rich & Full Bodied
    E.H. Taylor, Jr. Bourbon is named for the beloved former distillery owner of Buffalo Trace. The barrel staves procured from the Independent Stave Company used for this limited release were dried outside for 13 months - almost twice as long as usual. The bottled-in-bond whiskey was aged 17 years in Taylor's brick and limestone Warehouse "C," which was built in 1881 and continues to be part of the Buffalo Trace compound.