Unflavored Vodkas Made in the USA

These unflavored vodkas were each made from a different base ingredient including grapes, sugarcane, and rice. But one thing they have in common is that they were all born in the USA.
Dec 12, 2017
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    Grain & Neutral
    The Big Springs Distillery is a result of native central Pennsylvanians who took their education from Penn State to create a distillery in the neighboring town of Bellefonte. The Nittany Lions picked the location for its esteemed water source and proximity to the region’s celebrated grains — in the case of the vodka, corn.
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    Rich & Neutral
    As the name implies, this is a vodka crafted from local Florida sugarcane in St. Augustine. The distillery is community owned and operated and call’s Florida’s oldest ice factory its home. Unlike larger vodka manufacturers the distilling cuts are made by hand and not by computer formulation.
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    Neutral & Sweet
    Made eschewing leavened grained (prohibited during Passover), Distillery No. 209 has created the world first certified Kosher for Passover vodka. The base is cane sugar that is distilled five times under the eye of the Orthodox Union on San Francisco’s Pier 50 facility.
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    Fruity & Sweet
    This vodka from St. George Spirits in Alameda, California is made from a base of pears and grain. Bartlett pears, the same the distillery uses in their pear brandy, are distilled to 95.1% ABV. They then blend this with a non-GMO grain base spirit. Bottled at 40% ABV after filtering for impurities.
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    Neutral & Sweet
    Hailing from creole country in Louisiana, the Donner-Peltier opened with the mission to create the world’s most premium vodka. Oryza Vodka is distilled 17 times and the use of purified water and hi-tech filtration aim to make a hyper smooth and luxurious product. A key separator from the pack is the southern accent of using local, long-grain rice. Update: Donner-Peltier Distillers, the Thibodaux-based distillery, announced that it will cease operations after Monday, August 27, 2018
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    Grain & Neutral
    Blaum Bros is a craft distillery housed in Galena, Illinois. A true artisanal affair, the brothers use only local grains that are milled and fermented on location. The vodka is made of wheat and rye and a return to a historic grain-focused style.
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    Neutral & Spicy
    Spring 44 seeks to harness the purity of their water source in their Colorado born spirits. The spring is located in Buckhorn Canyon at 2,000 feet elevation and surrounded by 160,000 acres of National forest. Made from a blend of wheat, corn and rye.
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    Spicy & Neutral
    Central Standard is a craft distiller in Milwaukee. The vodka is distilled from Wisconsin rye in the model of Poland and Russia’s vodkas. Their stills low-reflux design is meant to enhance the grain’s natural flavors.
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    Grain & Sweet
    OYO Vodka is the flagship of Columbus, Ohio’s Middle West Spirits distillery, an operation committed to showcasing the region’s grain through the lens of craft distillation. The grain used for the vodka is local soft red wheat. Sold as a “whiskey lover’s vodka,” the grain character is embraced and not meant to be hidden. As a result, it is unfiltered after distillation. Bottled at 80 proof. A fun trivia fact: Oyo is the original word for Ohio.
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    Rich & Fruity
    This Midwestern spirit is crafted from 100% white wine grapes in Bloomington Indiana. Distilled to 190.5 proof, the goal is to maintain some of the grapes’ inherent flavor. Charcoal-filtration is employed to remove any unwanted flavors.