Oryza Vodka

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Oryza // Lousiana , USA

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Hailing from creole country in Louisiana, the Donner-Peltier opened with the mission to create the world’s most premium vodka. Oryza Vodka is distilled 17 times and the use of purified water and hi-tech filtration aim to make a hyper smooth and luxurious product. A key separator from the pack is the southern accent of using local, long-grain rice. Update: Donner-Peltier Distillers, the Thibodaux-based distillery, announced that it will cease operations after Monday, August 27, 2018

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  • Unflavored Vodka
    Distilled from any agricultural product, most commonly grains or potatoes. Typically distilled to 95% ABV. Water is added to bring the spirit down to as low as 37.5% ABV in the EU and 40% ABV in the US. It is usually filtered, often with charcoal, prior to bottling. It is almost always clear and unaged.
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"A very inviting nose of sweet butter cream and subdued violets sets the tone for Oryza Vodka. The mouthfeel has very attractive weight and texture and echoes flavors of raw vanilla. The finish dissipates rather quickly but leaves no chemical taste or sweet residue and gives a rather clean impression to the whole experience."

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Neutral & Sweet