1. Crown Royal Cask No. 16

    Canadian — Manitoba, Canada

    Tasted March 13, 2020
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    I should note that I'm not a fan of cognac but I received this bottle as a gift. Over the course of a two week period I paired the beverage with food, alone, snacks. I really felt that this flavor was great when it with something else. It and an ice cube. It and a meal. It and a snack. On its own, I did not feel that it was anything over the top and worth the price tag it originally had. The flavor wasn't off putting (aside from the cognac but as I said, not a fan of that, so I'm not including that in my review). In other words, it wasn't like I'd throw a bottle out but these sell for silly money on the secondary. I wouldn't buy it for that. If I could find it for normal prices, I probably would.
    90.0 USD per Bottle
  2. Big Spring Spirits Silver Fox Rye Whiskey

    White — Pennsylvania, USA

    Tasted March 13, 2020
    0.25 out of 5 stars
    God awful flavor. I bought it because I thought the fox on the bottle was neat. I took a big whiff of the bottle when I opened it. There is a slight gym sock smell to it. When I took a swig at room temperature (no ice, no adulteration) the flavor on the tongue was terrible and the aftertaste worse. Cool bottle. Cool classic "cowboy" looking bottle, but awful flavor.
    30.0 USD per Bottle
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