Absolut Mandrin

Flavored Vodka

Absolut // Sweden

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Absolut Mandrin was first released in 1999, the fourth flavor in Absolut's arsenal. It is made using Absolut's standard winter-wheat-based vodka with orange, mandarin, and citrus flavor. No sugar added. Bottled at 40% ABV.

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    Distilled from any agricultural product. It will be labeled with the (pre)dominant flavor(s) listed and can be artificially or naturally flavored.
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Tasting Notes

"Absolut Mandarin shows a moderate intensity of oranges and is rather more like a floral/orange quality rather than fresh and intense. Not a bad thing. The vodka is soft on the palate providing a gentle sweetness. Overall pleasant and not cloying at all. Choose your mixers wisely as the flavor of the citrus isn't super strong. Either try a more neutral mixer like ginger ale or club soda or amp up the flavors with fruit juices like pineapple juice or orange juice."

Score 85

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Flavor Profile

Fruity & Neutral

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