Amrut Spectrum

Single Malt

Amrut // India

  1. PBMichiganWolverine

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    These notes are from memory---I bought a bottle about 8 months ago, at a colleague's recommendation. I think it's discontinued now. On to the notes----I really wish I was a fly on the wall at Amrut's creativity lab. I am so sure those chaps there first smoke something mind enhancing , and then come up with these ideas. Their Intermediate sherry was where it starts off in bourbon, then sherry, back to bourbon, all the while shipping back and forth from Spain to Bangalore. Another one of theirs was sent to mature at a small island in northern Germany. And now this. I can imagine some guy in the Amrut lab sitting in a chair, smoking mind enhancing products, and then "dude, what if we take slabs from 6 different woods, krazy glue them together, and mature our stuff in there?" And there you have it...Spectrum. Or better known as Bat S**t Crazy Experiment #4. That aside, this is a pretty solid drink. I remember the nose was all over the place, from red wine to candy apples. Taste was thick and sweet. Walnuts and pecans, roasted marshmallows, a bit of sea salt (??? Bangalore isn't anywhere close to the ocean!!). Finish is long and lingering of Christmas spices and cardamon. Now that I think of it, all of Amruts have that cardamon finish. I gotta google map them, I'm sure there's a cardamon plantation close by their distillery. Looking forward to another experiment of theirs. In fact, I think they should open up a contest to see who can come up with the next crazy idea, and the next whiskey will be named after them. I'll partake if they provide the mind altering smoking products.
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