Anchor Old Tom Gin

Old Tom Gin

Anchor Distilling // California, USA

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Unlike some other Old Tom gins, Anchor's derives its sweetness from distillation with star anise, licorice root, and stevia. The spirit is distilled in copper pot-stills and is not chill-filtered. It was first introduced in September 2004 and is bottled at 45% ABV.

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  • Old Tom Gin
    This style is not legally defined, but in general, this style of gin is mildly sweet and is not juniper-forward. It falls in between London Dry Gin and Genever in terms of sweetness level.
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Tasting Notes

"Old Tom gins are expected to be slightly sweeter than the London Dry style. Anchor's Old Tom achieves this sweetness with botanicals rather than with sugar, which give it a perceived sweeter flavor. Though they do so successfully, the anise and licorice notes are unusually prominent. They don't quite take over the gin, but they do bring it into unusual territory. A bit more juniper might give it greater strength in cocktails, but its softness is appealing for a gentler drink."

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