Avuá Still Strength Cachaça


Avuá // Rio de Janeiro (state), Brazil


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Available beginning September 2017, Still Strength is the high proof offering from Avuá at 90 proof and is meant to expand its use in cocktails. Four varieties of single-estate grown sugarcane are chosen to create their cachaça. The unaged cachaça rests in stainless steel for six months prior to bottling. This will be available in select markets in the US.

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    Produced in Brazil. Distilled from sugarcane juice. If aged, at least 50% of product must be at least 1 year old. The types of barrels used are not specified, but often utilize Brazilian wood. Up to 6 grams of sugar per liter may be added.
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"The aroma of the cachaça is filled with floral notes of raw sugarcane which are amplified by the proof of the spirit. Bitter minerals and chewy cane cover the one-two punch of the flavor profile. Mineral notes linger in the medium-length finish. When using it in a cocktail, carefully balance its bitterness with citrus and sweet ingredients."

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