Bacardí Vanilla Rum

Flavored Rum

Bacardí // Puerto Rico

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Created by Bacardi as part of their flavored rum line. The rum is created in Puerto Rico and then sent to the U.S. for blending and bottling. The rum has been discontinued but is still available at some retail outlets.

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  • Flavored Rum
    Rum that has been flavored, either naturally or artificially, with the predominant flavor(s) stated on the label.
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Tasting Notes

"The earthy sweet vanilla note dominates the aroma as the sharp fusel bite of the alcohol overwhelms the profile. On the palate the vanilla notes fades quickly as an oily sweet film coats the mouth and tongue. The sugar sweetness of the liquid overwhelms the last traces of vanilla leading into an astringent finish. "

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Flavor Profile

Sweet & Oily