Barrel Hitch American Whiskey

Blended American Whiskey

Barrel Hitch // USA

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Barrel Hitch American Whiskey was released by Portland, Oregon-based Eastside Distilling in 2015. It was created by two women who sought to realize their passion for spirits - Master Distiller Mel Heim and Chief branding Officer Carrie Earles. It's blended from whiskey sources selected for their contributing flavor profiles, bottled at 80 proof.

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  • Blended American Whiskey
    Straight whiskey(s) must comprise at least 20% of the blend with the remainder comprised of whisky of any type or a grain neutral spirit or a combination of the two.
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Tasting Notes

"Like the Oregon hillsides, there is a distinctive "green" and grassy taste to this whiskey. A good deal of charcoal and earthiness surround a hint of sweetness and acidity. Spices emerge after a couple of sips, with allspice and sarsaparilla flavors reminiscent of root beer. A solid foundation is there, but it tastes as though the whiskeys needed more time to get to know each other in barrel before release into the real world. "

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