Below Deck Silver Rum

Silver Rum

Below Deck // Oregon, USA

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Portland, Oregon, is a hotbed of startup distilleries. Eastside Distilling, launched in 2008, was an early pioneer, making a wide variety of spirits, including traditional and flavored whiskies and rums, as well as seasonal liqueurs, e.g. Eggnog and Peppermint Bark. The spirit basis of their flavored rums (ginger, coffee, spiced) is their unaged Silver Rum, pot distilled to 130 proof before bottling at 80 proof. The minimalist packaging gives no hint that this isn't yet another taste-free, column-distilled white rum.

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  • Silver Rum
    AKA Blanco, Light, White. Rum that is usually aged (but not always) and carbon-filtered to remove any color. No specific type or size barrel required. No set time required for aging for most countries with a few exceptions.
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Tasting Notes

"In the glass it shows no hints of color. The nose immediately brings to mind fruit, especially ripe banana-- almost but not quite Jamaican in character. The fruit notes carry over to the initial entry, which in time turns to a moderate amount of burn. Primarily intended for mixing, the Silver Rum holds its own in tropical drinks and can go head-to-head with the multi-island silver rum blends from Plantation and Banks."

Score 85

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Flavor Profile

Fruity & Hogo