Blue Lion Chicorée Liqueur

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Blue Lion // New Hampshire, USA

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Made by New Hampshire’s Tamworth Distilling, this 80-proof liqueur is named for the chicory flower, often referred to as a blue dandelion. It channels the bittersweet flavors of Italian amaro, it’s made with chicory root, rye seed, spices, dandelion root and cane sugar. The brand recommends pairing the liqueur with coffee to evoke the classic New Orleans chicory coffee.

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    Much like amaro, bitter liqueurs are made from the maceration or distillation (or combination) of herbs, spices, roots, flowers, or other botanicals. Bitter liqueurs are often red or orange in color, although they needn’t be. Sugar is added before bottling. ABV varies widely.
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Tasting Notes

"This liqueur has a color reminiscent of root beer and a distinct aroma of molasses and dried cherries. It's silky in texture and on the palate notes of molasses are still present underneath flavors of bittersweet chocolate. While it tingles slightly on the tip of the tongue, there is no overwhelming boozy flavor. This would, indeed, be a great addition to a cup of coffee, or mixed into rum and whiskey cocktails."

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Flavor Profile

Rich & Sweet