Lyon Coffee Rum Liqueur

Coffee/Chocolate Liqueurs

Lyon // Maryland, USA

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Maryland’s Lyon Distilling Co. has added a variety of spirits to its roster since it opened in 2013, from white and dark rum to rye whiskey. Launched in 2018, their flagship liqueur uses rum as a base and is infused with coffee from a local roaster. Before being bottled at 72 proof, it’s sweetened with a touch of chocolate.

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  • Coffee/Chocolate Liqueurs
    Both coffee and chocolate liqueurs are often dark in color and tend to use real coffee and/or chocolate in its creation. But artificial flavors can be used. Often neutral spirits are used as the base but any liquor family can be used.
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Tasting Notes

"With notes of vanilla, chocolate and coffee on the nose, Lyon Coffee Rum Liqueur is reminiscent of chocolate-covered espresso beans. At 36% ABV, there’s significant heat from the rum base on the palate, followed by notes of bittersweet chocolate. It has a slightly oily texture, so the spice lingers on the tongue for a while, but eventually fades to a nice, rich chocolate and creamy coffee finish. This liqueur would work well in cocktails or served over ice for slight dilution."

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