Booker's Bourbon Batch 2015-04 "Oven Buster Batch"


Booker's // Kentucky, USA


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3 out of 5 stars
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This bourbon, bottled straight from the barrel (merely strained to get wood bits out), is the 4th in the 2015 limited edition series in honor of late Master Distiller Booker Noe. His son Fred, now the 7th generation Master Distiller, created it in homage of a favorite family story in which his grandmother, Annis Wickham Noe, once mistakenly used Booker's high proof bourbon instead of a lower proof one to douse a pork roast. The high proof caused a spark which blew the oven open, thus the name "Oven Buster." This is the 2nd batch chosen by the Booker's Bourbon Roundtable consisting of experts, enthusiasts & writers Fred Minnick, Chuck Cowdery, Geoff Kleinman, John McCarthy, Jack Robertiello and Tony Sachs. It is suggested to be sipped with ice or cut with water.

  • age
    6 Year
  • Cost
  • abv
  • Bourbon
    Produced anywhere in USA; Mash bill of at least 51% corn; aged in new, charred oak containers.
  • Cask Type
    new, charred American oak

Tasting Notes

"This is an unusually dry style of bourbon that really tastes of savory, roasted meat with herbs - thyme, rosemary, sage and oregano - with citrus peel. Only a hint of caramel sweetness enters the mid palate, but is rushed out again with an earthy charcoal and walnut finish. It's a little challenging, but a refreshing change from, big sweet bourbons."

Score 85

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Flavor Profile

Rich & Full Bodied