Bruichladdich Bere Barley 2010

Single Malt

Bruichladdich // Islay, Scotland

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4 out of 5 stars
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Bruichladdich Bere Barley single malt is made with bere (pronounced "bear,"), barley variety grown in Orkney, Scotland. Making alcohol from bere dates all the way back to the 18th century. Where most barley types used are two-row, bere barley is six-row. Although it grows fast, it produces a lower yield. This expression is made from bere grown and harvested in 2009 for distillation in 2010 at Bruichladdich. It is unpeated, and bottled at 50% ABV.

  • age
    8 Year
  • Cost
  • abv
  • Single Malt
    Distilled in pot stills from 100% malted barley, produced at one distillery, aged in barrels; if Scotch or Irish, must be aged for at least three years.
  • Cask Type
    American oak ex-bourbon

Tasting Notes

"Big on the orris root at first, with a quick hit of sourdough. Quite farmy overall, but also earl grey tea, honey and peaches. Very high complexity, which continues on the palate. Great viscosity and more orris root. But also very fruity with peach and apricots. It's even slightly medicinal. Great stuff, one of the more surprising releases of the year."

Score 93

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