Bruichladdich Yellow Submarine 1991

Single Malt

Bruichladdich // Islay, Scotland

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Released in late August 2018, this is the third iteration of the Yellow Submarine and contains the last parcel of 1991 vintage. There are two components to this unpeated single malt from Bruichladdich at a 7:2 ratio. The first aged for 15 years in refill sherry casks and then a further 10 years in Spanish tempranillo wine casks. The second component matured its entire 25 years in refill bourbon barrels. Only 1991 bottles were produced and is a Laddie Shop online exclusive.

  • age
    25 Year
  • abv
  • Single Malt
    Distilled in pot stills from 100% malted barley, produced at one distillery, aged in barrels; if Scotch or Irish, must be aged for at least three years.
  • Cask Type
    refill sherry casks, Spanish tempranillo wine casks, and refill bourbon barrels

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