Capovilla Rhum Rhum PMG Rhum Blanc Agricole 56%

Rhum Agricole Blanc

Rhum Bielle // Marie-Galante

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Vittorio Capovilla is a legend in the spirits world. Most notable for his incredibly nuanced and complex Eau De Vies and grappas, being the artist that he is, he could not confined by a single category. He fell in love with rhum and was invigorated by the idea of what he could do with it. From there a collaboration between Luca Gargano of the Velier importing company, Vittorio Capovilla master distiller, and the Bielle distillery (a small distillery located on small and rural Island of Marie-Galante, located just off the coast of Guadeloupe) was formed.

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  • Rhum Agricole Blanc
    Rhum distilled from fresh sugarcane juice. Has either been left alone to rest for 3 months, or if aged in oak, must not exceed 3 months in barrel. In Martinique, must be bottled between 80-110 proof.
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Tasting Notes

"The spirit is quite dense and complex with an unrelenting array of aromas and flavors. Rubber band and nail polish (though not oft-putting), freshly cut grass and sugarcane, vegetal green beans and water chestnuts are some of the aromas you first sense. This is followed by grapefruit and orange creamsicle before mineral and metallic notes come through with an oyster brine aroma. It is quite pure and fruity on the palate with notes of raspberry, lemon zest, and tropical fruits like banana and coconut, but there’s also a hint of rubber. Despite its sometimes contradictory flavors, it is completely alluring."

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Flavor Profile

Fruity & Rich