Carpano Antica Formula Vermouth


Carpano // Italy

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The recipe for this sweet vermouth was developed in 1786 by Antonio Benedetto Carpano in his wine shop in Turin, Italy. It is made using white wine from selected Italian grape varieties as the base. Only three people today know the exact recipe, but three known botanicals are vanilla beans from Madagascar, Papua new Guinea and Tahiti; saffron mainly from Iran; and wormwood from the Alps of Piedmont. Caramelized sugar is used to color the vermouth. Bottled at 16.5% ABV.

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    Vermouth is a type of aromatized wine. It is fortified and flavored with botanicals typically featuring Artemisia absinthium (wormwood) as the primary bittering agent. In the EU, it must be made from 75% wine and its ABV is 14.5-22%. Vermouth styles range from extra dry to sweet.

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