Chattooga Belle MuscaShine Brandy


Chattooga Belle // South Carolina, USA


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The name MuscaShine is a combination of the popular southern grape Muscadine and the perhaps more popular southern clandestine distillate moonshine. The grapes used here, and in all of their brandies, are grown, harvested, and distilled on their farm making this a true vineyard-to-glass distillate.

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    Most often referring to clear, unaged brandy distilled from wine from any type of fruit. Some styles are macerated with skins after distillation which provide color.
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Tasting Notes

"The native southeastern American grape shows plenty of character in this brandy with notes of ripe plum, dried apricot, and baked custard. Unfortunately some of the variety’s “foxy” character also makes an appearance in the form of some earthy and leafy character. The distillate seems well made with an oily mouthfeel and very little impression of alcohol. Unfortunately some of the grape’s less desirable flavors make a second appearance in the finish. Ultimately one’s enjoyment will be be pegged to their fondness of the grape. Kudos to Chattooga for bottling this southern stable in the traditional mason jar glass for some quirky southern charm."

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