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Ñusta translates to "Inca Princess" in the ancient Quechua language, and this pisco is the royalty of the Macchu Pisco family. Only 100 bottles were released in the initial launch of this premium pisco, which is a mosto verde made from the Italia grape. It's presented in a hand-crafted, artifact-esque ceramic bottle, each of which was made from a whopping 30 pounds of grapes via a true gravity-press system.

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    Brandy distilled from grapes and produced in either Peru or Chile. In Peru, there are eight allowable grapes and in Chile, there are three. Peruvian Pisco is distilled only once in a pot-still and no wood aging is allowed. Peruvian pisco cannot have any alterations including dilution. Chilean pisco can be distilled multiple times, can be aged, and can be diluted prior to bottling.
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"The aromatic notes of the Italia grape are present on the nose, with citrus, lemongrass, pears, melons, and tropical fruits, along with a hint of black pepper. The palate is luxuriously smooth and well-rounded, with rose petals, more citrus, floral and herbal notes, and a fuller, earthier side. It all leads to a long, warm, soothing finish."

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