Cinzano Extra Dry Vermouth


Cinzano // Italy

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Cinzano was founded in 1757 in Turin by master distillers and brothers Giovani & Carolo Stefano Cinzano. The Extra Dry Vermouth uses a white wine base along with sugar, alcohol, and a list of botanicals which are kept secret. Since 1999, the Cinzano brand is now owned by Gruppo Campari. Bottled at 18% ABV.

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    Vermouth is a type of aromatized wine. It is fortified and flavored with botanicals typically featuring Artemisia absinthium (wormwood) as the primary bittering agent. In the EU, it must be made from 75% wine and its ABV is 14.5-22%. Vermouth styles range from extra dry to sweet.

Tasting Notes

"The color here is very pale yellow and the aroma is of a medium intensity. The notes found here are more fruity (both citrus peel and red fruit) as well as green herbs and earthy aromas. The flavors follow suit with more of the same. The vermouth is relatively soft in the mouth with a moderate bitter and citrus note on the finish. A high acid finish here. There's enough going on here to enjoy on its own."

Score 88

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Flavor Profile

Tart & Fruity