Clear Creek Douglas Fir Brandy


Clear Creek // Oregon, USA

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Clear Creek Douglas Fir Brandy is a seasonal product created by harvesting green buds from Douglas fir trees (also known as Oregon pine or Douglas spruce). These buds are then dropped into clear brandy and allowed to macerate. This now green brandy is re-distilled, but though this process will flavor the brandy, it will also become clear. More buds are collected and added and the maceration is repeated; the buds are removed a few weeks later. A touch of pear brandy is added before bottling. Sold in 375ml sized bottles.

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  • Eau-de-Vie
    Most often referring to clear, unaged brandy distilled from wine from any type of fruit. Some styles are macerated with skins after distillation which provide color.
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Tasting Notes

"Because a maceration is done after distillation, expect to see a little sediment in the bottle. As advertised, the aroma of Clear Creek Douglas Fir Brandy is full of pine and has you thinking of a winter wonderland. The fruit in the brandy is a nice foil to help balance the herbal and woody notes. There's a nice mint taste to the finish. If you are a gin or absinthe drinker, make sure to give this a try. Bottled at 94 proof, it does finish a little hot."

Score 90

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