Clear Creek Marc de Gewürtztraminer


Clear Creek // Oregon, USA

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As gewürztraminer is a traditional grape from Alsace and Germany rather than Italy, it is called a marc instead of grappa, but they are synonyms. It is pot-distilled from the pomace of gewürtztraminer grapes from the Willamette Valley in Oregon. It is sold in 375ml sized bottles.

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    Eau-de-vie that is distilled from the pomace (seeds, stems, skins) left over from winemaking. Typically only grapes are used, but other fruit is acceptable. Can be aged in wood. No specific length of time required.
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Tasting Notes

"If you've not tasted gewürtztraminer wine before, the aroma on this marc is exactly what you should expect. It is a very floral and fruity aromatic grape. Lychee fruit and green grapes come to mind. The body of the marc is somewhat soft and certainly not as sweet as the aroma leads you to believe it will be. As always, this is clean and clear; a true expression of the style."

Score 90

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Flavor Profile

Fruity & Floral

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