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Frísco // California, USA

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Frísco is a pisco-inspired spirit made in San Francisco, a locale where pisco historically had strong footing. Founder Charlie O'Connell was inspired to bring a local riff to market after traveling through South America, and partnered with San Francisco's Seven Stills for production. Bottled at 45% ABV, Frísco (pronounced "frees-koh") is made from California muscat grapes and is unoaked.

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    Produced in the US, this is usually referring to brandy distilled from grape-based wine. If the producer uses other fruit, it must be stated on the label. If aged under two years in oak, it must state the word "immature" on the label. Beyond that, labels such as VS, VSOP, and XO mean little as the brands themselves dictate what that means to them.
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"Lemon kicks off a fruity and floral nose. The body has a somewhat watery mouthfeel, though the flavors carry through regardless, with a range of fruits including grapefruit and pomelo, and those sugary orange slice gummies. There's also a bit of pepper, alongside lavender, and vegetal notes. Very smooth all the way through with just a touch of heat on the back of the finish."

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Fruity & Floral

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