Cognac Park Borderies Single Vineyard


Cognac Park // Borderies, France

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The Distillerie Tessendier estate was founded in 1880 by Gaston Tessendier. Today, it's still run as a family house, Maison Park, built on carrying that tradition forward through the generations. The Borderies cru, one of six delimited growing regions for cognac, is the one of the smallest by land area. A rarity among cognacs from this region, Cognac Park Borderies was aged 15 years, first spending 10 months in new Limousin oak casks before being transferred to older casks. As a single vineyard expression, it was designed to both showcase the floral, light qualities of the Borderies region, as well as to serve as a transition between a VSOP and XO range.

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    Brandy distilled in a delimited region within France from specific grapes. Must be double-distilled to no higher than 72% abv. Required to be aged in oak for at least 2 years. Also, if labeled as the following, minimum aging is: VS-2 years, VSOP-4 years, Napoléon 6 years, XO-10 years (as of April 2018).
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    lightly toasted new and used French Limousin Oak

Tasting Notes

"Find a floral nose, with citrus zest as well as red wine, and a distinctive jammy side, think apricot jam and grape jelly. The palate quickly shifts drier, offering spice and oak, and red fruits. There's brown sugar, cinnamon and baking spices on the finish, light vanilla, and then finally some of that early fruitiness returns. The nose tantalizes but the palate doesn't match that depth."

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Floral & Fruity

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