Combier Liqueur d'Orange

Triple Sec/Curaçao

Combier // France

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Combier Liqueur d'Orange was first created in 1834 in Saumur, France. It is made using sun-dried bitter and sweet orange peels which is macerated in neutral spirit before distillation. The recipe for this triple sec was created by husband and wife confectioners Jean-Baptiste and Josephine Combier.

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  • Triple Sec/Curaçao
    Both triple sec and curaçao are orange flavored liqueurs. Triple sec is clear typically made with a neutral grain base. Curaçao is generally orange or blue and historically has a brandy base. Curaçao is often also flavored with additional spices, but does not have to originate in the isle. Generally the higher the ABV for both, the better the quality.
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